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The Town of Pritchett, Colorado is a very small community with a population of less than 140 people.  Pritchett is located in Baca County, the southeasternmost county in the state, and is less than 40 miles from Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  Baca County has fewer than 4000 residents, and has no stoplights. 


Amenities in Pritchett include The Pritchett Hotel, The Coulter Hotel and The Branding Iron Saloon, the only bar in the entire county, which is located right across the street.  The nearest grocery store, restaurants and gas/convenience stores are 15 miles east in Springfield.

Cars and trucks are the only methods of travel in the area.  There are no public transportation options nearby other than a Greyhound bus stop in Springfield.  The closest major commercial airport is Colorado Springs, Colorado which is about a three hour drive away.

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