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Cancelations & Refunds

Reservations are not needed for most stays at the Hotel.  In most cases, guests can call ahead or show up to book a room for a one or two night stay.

If you want to book one or more rooms for numerous consecutive nights, you will need to call prior to the date of your proposed stay to speak with management.

  • Cancelations:

    • Cancelation of a prepaid booking is required at least 24 hours prior to the date of your stay. 

    • Any cancelation that is less than 24 hours prior to 3:00 PM on the date of your stay will result in a $50 cancelation fee.

  • Refunds:

    • Refunds are allowed for all guests that meet the requirement of our cancelation policy.

    • ​There are no refunds for guests that have completed their overnight stay.​

For more information please contact us via email or phone.  720-741-7071 or

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