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About Us

Welcome to The Pritchett


The Pritchett Hotel was built in 1928, a year when Baca County had endless enthusiasm about the future. Sadly, the Dust Bowl era sent the county - and the hotel - into a tailspin, and the hotel deteriorated over the years.


For nearly 100 years, the building was sold, renovated and returned to service for some time before being closed again whenever the previous owners retired. 

In November of 2021, the previous owner sold the building to The Wild Animal Refuge (also known as The Wild Animal Sanctuary) - which is a non-profit wildlife refuge located 16 miles northeast of Pritchett.  The Refuge was looking for a hotel or rooming house to utilize for short-term and/or overnight stays for its staff and special guests.

However, the Refuge also wanted to continue the tradition of operating the historic building as a Hotel or Bed & Breakfast, just like previous owners had.  As such, the Refuge has set up the historic Hotel to continue on in the same fashion as it has for many years - welcoming guests that are looking for a unique experience in Colorado's southeast, or just needing a comfortable place to spend the night.

The Wild Animal Refuge also owns another two-story Hotel in Pritchett called the Coulter Hotel - which is just two blocks away from the Pritchett Hotel.  Both Hotels were built in the same year and have more or less the same layout and amenities.

If you are looking for more capacity, or would just like to see what the Coulter has to offer - you are welcome to visit the website at


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