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The Pritchett Hotel was built in the town of Pritchett, Colorado in the year 1928 during an incredible period of growth.  Droves of settlers had recently moved west to stake claims on government land where they could grow wheat, broom corn and other profitable crops.  Towns like Pritchett quickly sprang up all across the eastern prairie. 


Pritchett became a highly successful community during this period, with new hotels, commercial businesses and numerous grain elevators being built at lightning speed.  However, within a short number of years, a prolonged drought began to torment eastern Colorado - as well as parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.


The drought lasted for many years, leading to what is now known as the Dust Bowl era.  During this time, the town of Pritchett, along with hundreds of other towns struggled to survive.  Many communities vanished over the next decade, but the people and town of Pritchett were able to endure to survive.


Springfield, CO eventually became the epicenter of southeast Colorado, leaving Pritchett to evolve into a quiet and peaceful community made up of farmers and ranchers.  Thankfully, the Pritchett Hotel was able to stand the test of time and remain virtually untouched.

Today, this historic hotel is one of two Hotels that still exist in the town and both operate as Bed & Breakfast establishments, utilizing their eternal charm and historical character to enchant the lucky guests who end up passing through the area.  We hope you will be able to join us and experience our warm and inviting hospitality!

Rooms & Rates


The Pritchett  Hotel is a very unique property with tons of charm, character and history to experience. Each guestroom is dedicated to a tribe, country or state which staked claim to this corner of SE Colorado over the years.



The rural farming and ranching community is a wonderful respite from hectic life.  High plains all around, visibility as far as you can see, rocky canyons nearby and the most amazing night skies imaginable.



Whether you are an avid astronomer, photographer, hunter, wildlife enthusiast, weather watcher, storm chaser or just looking for a quiet getaway from reality, the Pritchett Hotel has something for everyone!

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